Arlington Baptist Church
Monday, September 28, 2020
The Decision and Path:
In November of 2010 the Arlington family voted with an overwhelming majority to relocate Arlington to 24 acres located North of Loop 640 off Washington Pike in North Knoxville.  The land transferred to ownership of the Arlington family on Wednesday February 2, 2011.  The implementation of the relocation is now underway.  Approved in the Master Plan with the Metropolitan Planning Commission was the name of the new road to be constructed from Washington Pike to the new property - LifeSpring Lane.
Our second step in this journey took place on May 31, 2011 as Arlington Baptist sold the existing building and Missionary House on Fairmont Blvd to New Life Deliverance Ministries and entered into a lease agreement with them to maintain our ministries in the building while the new property is being developed.
What will we build:
  • New Church Facility with ease of access and all Sunday/Wed activities on one level
  • State of the art Childrens and Youth ministry areas
  • Secure Nursery and Preschool ministry areas
  • Recreation area
  • Senior Care facility
- On Sunday July 10TH the Arlington family voted with NO objections to accept the recommendations from the Building Team - Look of Building, Master Plan Revisions, and a general floor plan. 
- Tuesday May 5, 2015, the Trustees signed the loan conversion to begin construction on the new facilities
-                                    , the Trustees signed the documents to sale 6 acres to Meridian Senior Care for the building of a premier 88 bed Senior Care facility